18th century clothing reproductions

From Head to Toe -18th Century Clothing at Pottsgrove Manor . Martin's Chair Windsor Chairs and 18th Century Reproduction Furniture

Supplies reproduction items. Includes clothing, camp gear, tents, books, music and props designed for re-enacting the periods from 1750 to 1840.
jas. townsend and son, inc. 18th century reproductions, clothing and books.

from left to right, Diana in a Quaker Gown, Liz in a Fitted Jacket and Matching Petticoat, Nancy in an English Gown. Specializing in 18th century reproduction women's clothing.

At Martin's Chair, Inc., Windsor Chairs and 18th Century Reproduction Furniture, we believe that quality Windsor chair craftsmanship means combining the best techniques of the old and new.

Ready Made Authentic Period Clothing & Gowns of the 18th, 19th, and 20th Century By April C. Thomas.  Where History and Fashion come to life... Authentic Historic. Reproduction Clothing.

The best collection of links to "real" examples of 18th century clothing from 1750-1790 on the Internet. This is a great area to browse and get inspiration for reproduction clothing. In English.

In August 2004, Pottsgrove Manor undertook the opportunity to mount an exhibition of 18th century costume, of  The reproduction clothing was created by Suellen Tatrai and Lynn Symborski (marked ST or LS in the descriptions), unless otherwise noted.

A Solid Foundation You'll notice that the 18th century lady looks much different than her 21st century counterpart.

Articles for a basic understanding of the subject of 18th century clothing. Pictures. Paintings and photographs of of extant clothing. How To. Instructions on making 18th century clothing, hairdos and cosmetics.

We build 18th century reproductions which are designed and made to order. These include William and Mary, Queen Anne, Chippendale, Hepplewhite, and Sheraton styles. Larry Crossan.

Leonard Marshark a Bucks County, Pennsylvania Clockmaker hand-crafts tall case grandfather clocks in the traditional authentic 18th century American style and manner.
Leonard Marschark, 18th Century Reproduction Clocks.

Common Goodes and Embelishments. An 18th century shoppe in New Castle Delaware. providing needful items of clothing and accessories. About us. Our Location.

Arrange parts of disconnected french words with their English definitions. ... 18th Century French Clothing Reproductions. From Short Description.

We at Smiling Fox Forge strive to bring you the highest quality 18th Century Reproductions you can buy. Rather you need clothing, gun supplies, swords, axes, knives, colonial goods, and more....

8.1 Surviving 18th century clothing. [edit] Women's fashion. French silk sack-back gown with closed bodice and panniers, trimmed with padded bands of blue satin, chenille blonde lace, flowers of gathered ribbon, feathers and raffia tassels, 1775...

Golden Hind Millinery is a custom historical reproduction clothing business based in Williamsburg, Virginia, practicing the trades of tailoring, mantua-making, and millinery found in the 18th and early 19th centuries.

Glossary of 18th Century Costume Terminology: These are clothing terms, as well as fabric terms.  Reproductions and Fabrics -- Heather's personal recommendation. ReproductionFabrics.com is a source of cotton reproduction fabrics for costumers and...

We make or source period artifacts, utensils, weapons, armour, clothing, etc. We also provide a Living History demonstration service which encompasses all the aspects of daily life in every era from the Bronze Age through the 18th century.

Historical Clothing.

Hand-made Culloden Shoes (Straight-lasted) with Matching Buckle from Scotweb Store. 18th Century Reproductions, Clothing, Gun Supplies, Axes .... The Honourable Cordwainers' Company (Society for history of shoemaking)

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